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Rules and Terms


  • Should welcome customers with greetings.

  • Should serve them by handling their luggage's.

  • Air Conditioning facility must be provided to all customers unless customer requests to switch off.

  • Customers who are elders, children or handicaps should treat them with equal respect. It is mandatory and social responsibility of a chauffeur.

  • Should not indulge in any quarrels with any customers.



  • Billing occurs on 5th of every month. you will be liable to pay current month advance rental and GST of your previous month collection before the due date.

  • As per our privacy policy it is strictly prohibited to save or share the contact details of the customers to any external business or own use.

  • It is offensive to take photography and videography inside the cab using mobile/hidden cameras during business hours.

  • Vehicle owners should be responsible for vehicle and driver maintenance and should adhere to all RTO norms.

  • You must make sure all the vehicle (Rc, Permit And Insurance) and chauffeur documents (Badge and License) are under validity and renew before expiry.

  • Vehicles attached to RED TAXI & GO TAXI should only bear our brand stickers (as per current procedure)-other unwanted stickers are not allowed.

  • Vehicles attached with RED TAXI should be painted with RED colour on the roof (to show our brand uniqueness) and the same to be changed to white colour while Detach

  • You should make sure that each new chauffeurs you appoint undergo a training(Monday Wednesday and Friday) in our office and get their Identification number to login your cabs.

  • Acting drivers are strictly prohibited as the chauffeur photo will be shared with every customer

  • When you use your vehicle(with RedTaxi stickers) even for your own purpose you must make sure chauffeur is in red taxi uniform.

  • Recording all trip details in the trips sheet is mandatory as per Indian Transport Act.

  • Any leasing or selling of your vehicle need to be intimated well in advance with the vendor team.

  • Any accidents or legal filings against the cab will be your responsibility

  • Any changes in customer tariffs is sole rights of EFS.

  • Any trip cancellations with any reasons is not acceptable and penalised.

  • You should make sure the vehicle & chauffeur is clean and tidy before they start their day.

  • Vendors are suggested not to entertain daily, weekly or percentage based commission to Chauffeurs.

  • You can make a note of their FUEL and meter readings and make chauffeurs to write trip sheets.